firmware 102 will break your netatmo base station

The Netatmo API is a set of webservices allowing developers and third parties to access Netatmo device's data.
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firmware 102 will break your netatmo base station

Post by mwall » 19 Jun 2015, 16:18

to someone in netatmo support/development,

how do i revert my netatmo base station back to firmware 101?

if i must use firmware 102, then how do i decrypt the data payload in tcp/ip messages from *my* netatmo base station?

i would like to get the data from my netatmo hardware. downloading data from the netatmo servers is not an option.

i used to be able to extract this information from packets when my base station was running firmware 101. however, after i changed to a different wifi ssid, your netatmowizard updated my base station to firmware 102 (without my permission), and i found that the data payloads are now obfuscated.

my posting here provides some details:!topic ... EPRAVeyVW0

thank you for your prompt attention to this matter,


matthew wall
weewx developer

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Re: firmware 102 will break your netatmo base station

Post by nbugclub » 09 Jul 2015, 14:40

I have the same problem. After a firmware upgrade to 102 - netatmo stopped sending data to the Internet. When was the 101 firmware - everything was fine. Warranty - ended, return / exchange is not possible. How to restore the old firmware?

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