direct access to netatmo devices

The Netatmo API is a set of webservices allowing developers and third parties to access Netatmo device's data.
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Re: direct access to netatmo devices

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Might as well step in and also give my +1

I'm awaiting the wind gauge for my weather station, but seriously considering if its a good idea or not. Lately netatmos servers have been very spotty, making all my devices unreliable. I don't like being dependent on your servers for my weather station etc. to work.

And why don't you answer in here ? Just give your users a headsup, this is NOT okay !
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Re: direct access to netatmo devices

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contact with Netatmo:
isn’t it better you provide a LOCAL MQTT service, so that data hasn’t to go through your servers?
Something like this is asked since 2012


me again:
isn’t it better you provide a LOCAL MQTT service, so that data hasn’t to go through your servers?
Something like this is asked since 2012

WHY everyone at Netatmo keeps avoiding to answer these questions?, Can you please give an answer to that?
For people like me is this the best option; my home-assistant instance is in the same local network as my precense camera.
Camera sends events to a LOCAL MQTT broker -> my home-assistant instance subscribes to the same topic -> everthing OK. No data has to come through your unreliable servers.....

Regarding the local access, it will not be possible with our products,
we exclusively make connected products, which are accessible from anywhere around the world.
Many of our services are cloud-based.
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Re: direct access to netatmo devices

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To retrieve data from Netatmo security products, you have to choose between three scopes for Welcome, two scopes for Presence and only one for the Smart Smoke Alarm.

read_camera (for Welcome)
to retrieve events and timelines
to retrieve snapshots

read_smokedetector (for The Smart Smoke Alarm)
to retrieve events and timelines

write_camera (for Welcome)
to tell Welcome a specific person or everybody has left the Home

access_camera (for Welcome) and access_presence (for Presence)
to access the live stream
to access any video stored on the SD card

By default, Welcome apps have access to the scope read_camera, Presence apps to the scope read_presence and Smart Smoke Alarm one to the scope read_smokedetector. The scopes access_camera and access_presence are only for the developer's own camera.
*You need to request the scope access_camera/access_presence to access other user camera.
This scope is granted on a per app basis. As security is one of our main concern and as this scope gives you access to user’s videos, Netatmo will give extra-attention to each request.Check here:

Provide Netatmo with a high-level workflow diagram of its integration (App / your servers / Netatmo servers)
Logos and Icons should comply with Netatmo branding guidelines.
Authorization code grant type is required for authentication.
User should be able to remove its cameras access from the 3rd party application.
Storing token/refresh token anywhere else than on the user device is not allowed.
Providing video access and streaming capability to anyone else than the authenticated user is not allowed.
Provide Netatmo with a link to pre-production application for review.

Netatmo teams will check that you are compliant with these guidelines and will test your app before granting the access.
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