Authentication parameters

The Netatmo API is a set of webservices allowing developers and third parties to access Netatmo device's data.
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Authentication parameters

Post by rdg » 17 Jan 2013, 10:47

As far as I could understand, to make a successful authentication we need:

- client_id
- client_secret
- username (currently user's email address)
- password

Q1: is the client_id/client_secret application-specific or developer-specific?
Q2: for a given application, client_id and client_secret should come from the application itself and username/password from the user. Is this right?

I am writing a C DLL for Windows, in order to facilitate the writing of applications for XP/Seven.
This DLL offers "high level" functions hiding the Web API to applications, such as NETATMO_Authenticate, NETATMO_GetUser, etc.

Q3: To ease quick application prototyping for those lazy guys that do not have their own client_id/client_secret (yet) , I give the option to use my own pair of credentials in NETATMO_Authenticate: is this acceptable or considered as being pure evil?

TIA for you anwers.

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