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German Website Translation

Posted: 19 Apr 2015, 18:42
by GEORGzer
On the new website for the weather station accessories are a couple of errors:

The text next to the picture of the wind gauge is actually the german translation for the rain gauge. ... tion#view2

Next to the rain gauge is the translation of "well-being throughout your home". ... tion#view3

And in the next segment is the englisch version of "well-being throughout your home". ... tion#view4

So a german translation for the wind gauge is missing completely.

Re: German Website Translation

Posted: 01 May 2015, 22:39
by GEORGzer
I just saw you fixed the translation, well done!
Now do I get a free wind gauge for finding the errors? :lol:

Re: German Website Translation

Posted: 19 May 2015, 00:27
by nykel
One more thing:

The german localization ( has one more fault:

mètres au-dessus du niveau de la mer

is translated to


which is as wrong as formerly Höhepunkt, which was more funny :lol:
The popular translation is


the professional expression is

Meter über Normalhöhennull (m ü. NHN)

which is a bit lengthy.
See Wikipedia:öhe_über ... resspiegel

German Website Translation

Posted: 14 May 2019, 02:24
by byronVib

I found that there are a lot of mis- and untranslated Strings in the german translation. Before my work is redundant, are you interested in an updated german translation?

Re: German Website Translation

Posted: 15 May 2019, 15:08
by Guillaume_B_Netatmo
Hello byronVib,

If you see mistakes on our application (Web/Mobile) or our website, feel free to share them and I will make sure to report them so we can fix them!
I sincerely thank you for your will to help us and wish you a lovely day!

Re: German Website Translation

Posted: 13 Apr 2020, 09:05
by jpreine
I refer to this site: ... windmesser

The text in the picture/screenshot is in french. Please use a picture with german text.

Please correct lower/upper case, add a comma and fix grammar:
Kein Wind Piktogramm: Dieses Piktogramm entspricht einer Abwesenheit von Wind.
Kreispfeil Piktogramm: Dieses Piktogramm bedeutet, dass der Wind die Richtung ändert, d.h. dass es keine feste Richtung gibt.
Das Diagramm ermöglicht, die historischen Daten der Windmittelwerte (Geschwindigkeit und Richtung) und Böen (Geschwindigkeit und Richtung) zu durchsuchen.

By the way: The corresponding pictograms are missing.

Re: German Website Translation

Posted: 23 Apr 2020, 10:46
by Chiara_Netatmo
Thank you very much for your observations, we will correct the mistakes as quickly as possible.
Have a nice day