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German translation forAndroid app, add new module to station

Posted: 11 Aug 2017, 20:16
by batkite
Android App -> Settings -> Add new modules (Assistant with steps)

1st page:
"Bitte stecken Sie das grosse Module der Netatmo Station ein."
"Bitte stecken Sie das gro├če Modul der Netatmo Station ein."

plus: Picture shows USB charger for a non-german (US?) wall plug :-)

2nd page:
all fine so far

3rd page:
"Ihre Station ist am Laden. Bitte warten Sie."

"... ist am Laden" is no proper German grammar and the word "Laden" may be confused with 'charging'.

In case the connect fails, page 4 says:
"Ihr Handy konnte sich nicht mit der Netatmo Station verbinden"

The error message points to the direction, that the station was not 'charged' but there was an attempt to connect to it.

So my suggestion for the text of page 3 would be:
"Ihr Handy verbindet sich mit der Station. Bitte warten Sie."

Re: German translation forAndroid app, add new module to sta

Posted: 16 Aug 2017, 11:27
by Marty
Hello batkite,

Thanks for your feedback and the issue you raised.

The changes will be applied in the next update of the app.


German translation forAndroid app add new module to station

Posted: 05 May 2019, 00:08
by byronVib

I found that there are a lot of mis- and untranslated Strings in the german translation. Before my work is redundant, are you interested in an updated german translation?