Some suggestions for german translation

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Some suggestions for german translation

Post by Jens_K » 19 Dec 2012, 13:56

When exporting to CSV:
"Die Daten zum Herunterladen überprüfen" should be "Die Daten zum Herunterladen auswählen"
"Bitte wählen Sie die Datenrate" sounds nicer this way: "Messintervall auswählen"

When choosing a start date and/or time:
In the select box it says "Klar" for clearing the already chosen value. "Leeren" or even "Löschen" would be better here.

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Some more german suggestions

Post by Pixelman » 26 Dec 2013, 14:58

I have a few additional suggestions:

Menu for 3rd-parthy apps
  • "Meine App eines Dritten" --> "Meine Drittanbieter-Apps"
Station menu
  • "Radiosignal" --> "Funksignal"
  • The indoor module type "Innenbasis" should be just called "Innen" because currenty the additional indoor modules are also called "Basis", which could intend they are also a base station.
Menu for push messages
  • "Personifizieren Meldungen" should simply be named "Mitteilungen" because the menu contains settings for the general automated messages as well as the personal messages.
  • MeteoAlarm messages: "Niveau" --> "Stufe"
  • "Neue 'on demand' Messung" --> "Neue manuelle Messung"

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Some suggestions for german translation

Post by brichardCix » 08 May 2019, 02:00

For German start the install.php and install the german language. You can do this on every time

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