Reliability issues ... and more.

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Reliability issues ... and more.

Post by Fly13 » 22 Dec 2018, 01:34

May be I am not under the right topic but bear with me.
Yesterday I posted under the french section of this forum about the fact that the pre iOS 9 weather app was now totaly useless, no weather stations data available for more than 24h. Did they drop it?
No longer able to login and connect to the server with that old iOS version ran by old gen iPod/iPad/iPhone as secondary weather monitoring tools.

But all weather app versions be it iOS or Android are droping the connection but at least they are able to connect for a few minutes.
For the past few hours there is a message sometimes in the app saying :" Server under maintenance ".

Well this kind of no connection problem or the connection being dropped has plagued the weather app at least for months almost on a daily basis!
Come on Netatmo, say something usefull and truthfull ( remember the Tylenol tampering story, that's how problems should be handled ).

The weather products are good products only if backed by the smart side of things.
What kind of reliabilty is this?
If you search the web, some Netatmo thermostat's users could not crank up their devices, surveillance cameras have their reliability problems too,
and now Netatmo is offering a smart smoke detector .

Well, No WAY that I will put my security in Netatmo's so called smart hands.

You got - Netatmo - hundred of my $$$ for smart products that are missing the smart part way to frequently.
Feels like I got robbed, but no more, I'm done with Netatmo, if you can't or won't or don't know how to handle your problems, I know what to do with mine.

Too bad, great idea that went/is going sideways.
Hope you guys that are more patient than me will eventually get solutions to a recurent problem.

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Re: Reliability issues ... and more.

Post by achay » 22 Dec 2018, 07:41

From the Thursday night (Friday morning) maintenance the server access became really slow (from Hungary). This issue is visible at the thermostat too.
I've checked other weather stations and it is not a local network related problem. Netatmo, please undo what happened on the maintenance.

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Re: Reliability issues ... and more.

Post by skuske » 22 Dec 2018, 09:14

Yes, we are also seeing a lot of server issues again, mostly 503 HTTP errors. We can confirm that this started on Thursday.

Here are two screenshots of our server issue logging from myatmo:
Download myatmo from the iTunes AppStore at ... &ls=1&mt=8

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