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Fix modules.

Posted: 24 Dec 2019, 08:46
by sastil
I kindly wanted to ask you how to put the modules in the Weather Station V2 detection order in order of preference ;) or, in the various scrolling pages from right to left, in the iOS app, first display one module / room, instead of another. :|

Re: Fix modules.

Posted: 24 Dec 2019, 11:47
by GEORGzer
You need to download the „modules manager“ on your computer and connect the weather station via USB. Then remove all the modules and add them in the preferred order.

Maybe it works with the app as well, I‘ve never tried that before.
But the key is that you have to remove and re-add the modules, since sorting them is not an option, sadly.

Re: Fix modules.

Posted: 24 Dec 2019, 12:18
by sastil
GEORGzer wrote:
24 Dec 2019, 11:47
Thanks :)

Re: Fix modules.

Posted: 26 Dec 2019, 10:08
by vojta66
Thanks as well, did not know that! Quite complicated procedure anyway...