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Re: myatmo - new free iPhone app

Post by skuske » 22 Apr 2017, 08:08

Dear friends of myatmo: myatmo now includes Apple Watch support:

The Watch App lists all your weather station modules, just like the iPhone App does. By tapping onto a module the Watch App displays a 24-hour graph for all available module data, two values per hour, just as you know it from the myatmo iPhone App, but adjusted to the tiny Watch screen. We understand the Watch App graphs as a quick overview on the last 24 hours. If you want more details, you'll have to use the iPhone app as the Watch screen is simply too much limited. Graphs for your netatmo station on your Apple Watch: only myatmo offers this! ... 21521?mt=8

The myatmo Watch App surely includes complications for your watch faces. You can configure them to your specific needs and preferences, both small as well as large complications.

Please note the following important information:

• After installing the myatmo iPhone App you must configure it before using the Watch App, otherwise the Watch App cannot be used as the Watch App gets all the data from the iPhone App: the Watch App depends on the iPhone App
• Refreshing the watch complications is managed by WatchOS and usually occurs every 15-90 minutes. Required is a proper connection between the Watch and the iPhone, and the iPhone needs a good connection to the internet
• myatmo has NO (!) influence when WatchOS refreshes the complications as that depends on available resources on the watch - myatmo 'asks' WatchOS to update complications every 15 to 60 minutes, but that does not mean that the refresh will actually be executed by WatchOS within that time frame. Give the complication a chance to work - you'll notice that WatchOS refreshes the data properly, but sometimes it just takes a bit longer
• An update of the complication data can not be expected at fixed intervals, but at irregular times set by WatchOS
• The more you work with your watch and with the myatmo Watch app, the more reliable complications get refreshed
• A refresh of watch face complications will stop if the myatmo Watch App is killed and no longer executed. To force a refresh of the complication data, just open the myatmo Watch App.
• Your color settings from the iPhone app can also be used on the Watch App, if you want. See the myatmo iPhone App 'Settings' for this option.

Beside the new Watch App, we have also included some minor changes to the iPhone app: switching between two weather stations is now even faster than before: if two weather stations are linked to your account, then tapping onto the title bar switches from one to the other. If you have more than two weather stations linked, then a selection dialog is presented.

One side note:from time to time users ask us why myatmo does not send notifications just like the official netatmo app does. Well, this is technically impossible since the netatmo data server delivers notifications to the official app only, and not to third party apps like myatmo. No third party app (!) receives notifications from the netatmo server. If you need notifications, then you must use the official netatmo app.

Now: have fun with myatmo on your Apple Watch. Development of myatmo continues - a 'Today Widget' is planned, but since we want to present something good and not just a simple widget, we need more time. Good things simply need time!

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Download myatmo from the iTunes AppStore at ... &ls=1&mt=8

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Re: myatmo - new free iPhone app

Post by Una Real » 15 Nov 2017, 13:43

Really enjoying this on iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch! Great job on the apps and providing fast, excellent support. If you guys would come out with an app for Apple TV, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!!

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