Unable to re-install/configure valves following 'uninstall'

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Unable to re-install/configure valves following 'uninstall'

Post by JamesBrun » 20 Jan 2018, 19:58

After selecting the 'Uninstall Valve' option via the Netatmo mobile app the valve disappears from the app however if I then try to re-install by selecting

+ Install a new product
-> Additional Smart Radiator Valves
then as per instructions removing and re-inserting the batteries

The discovery screen then never finds any valves to be installed.

On the screen of the valve post battery removal and re-insertion I get the '--' then the wifi signal with a number which corresponds to the number the valve had prior to the 'uninstall' (2 & 4 in this case) the screen then reverts to '! {temp}' on the display and nothing else happens.

How can I or you fully reset these valves so they can be re-added via the app? It appears that the uninstall action simply removes them from the app but leaves the valve in some sort of limbo.

I have raised a ticket on this but based on previous response times (which have been appalling) I am seeking a swifter resolution here.

Can the Netatmo support members who are active on the forum please advise? Valve serial numbers are o01e857 & o01e258 if you are able to do anything remotely to actually reset them so they can be detected and re-installed

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Re: Unable to re-install/configure valves following 'uninsta

Post by Schwim » 27 Dec 2018, 11:07

I have the same problem. Did you get any response from support?

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Re: Unable to re-install/configure valves following 'uninsta

Post by Larry79 » 28 Dec 2018, 10:49

Hello, I had the same problem and didn't get any response from support. I tried again and again add new valve and 1 from 100 attempts was successfully. Valves always lost connection in any room, they had firmware 48 and 49. I found place at home where no any electric devices and valves work more stable. During the night valves got new firmware and now I placed it in the room again for test, if till evening they didn't lose connection I will mount valves to radiators back.

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