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temperature correction

Posted: 02 Feb 2018, 10:24
by cagliostro
the temperature correction on the valves must be carried out both by cold and hot radiator, or only in one of the two cases?

Re: temperature correction

Posted: 02 Feb 2018, 12:06
by GEORGzer
Depends on the differences you have, here is a guide how to apply the offsets correctly:

1. when the Radiators are cold (really cold), compare readings from the valves and an external thermometer.
2. make "cold" offset changes to match both readings.
  • Example: valve says 20°, thermometer says 19,5°, set the "cold" offset to -0,5°.
  • Note: those changes will have an immediate effect on the valve's readings.
3. make the same changes to the "hot" offset at the same time.
  • So to -0,5° in our example.
  • Note: those changes will take up to 24h to be effective and will NOT have an immediate effect on the valve's readings.
4. wait about 24h and then compare readings again when the radiators are heating. Best time to do this is when the valve reaches the set temperature according to it's own readings.
5. make necessary changes to the "hot" offset.
  • Example: valve reached it's set point of 22°, thermometer says 22,2° at that time, set "hot" offset to -0,3° (so +0,2° from the -0,5* before)
Yes, setting this up will take up to 2 days. But I have to say the reached temperatures are spot on now after that.

Re: temperature correction

Posted: 05 Feb 2018, 21:25
by cagliostro
thanks GEORGzer for your help, unfortunately I can not calibrate the valves, I do not understand where I'm wrong.

Re: temperature correction

Posted: 13 Oct 2018, 18:23
by schmaker
I used the babysitting device as reference thermometer for setting up and figured out that its quite contraproductive to set any offset as it takes like 0,5 hour until the temp reaches 0,5 meter from the radiator to the thermometer.

Left it unchanged and it works for me quite well (+0,5°C oscillation while heating).