Valves Wont Calibrate

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Re: Valves Wont Calibrate

Post by AndyBowden » 07 Sep 2018, 19:12

funkyirishman wrote:Ok mine and sometimes calibrating themselves then not reachable etc so its random

Was told by Netatmo to swap the valve with one that is working. I will try this but valves are upstairs and they are the ones that give me hassle. While the thermostat box is downstairs does the distance make a difference?
I'd expect the valve's distance from the relay rather than from the thermostat to be more relevant.

From time to time I've had some of my valves showing calibration failed. Left alone they often sort themselves out or a manual calibration works.

However, for a couple of days, despite my heating having been set to Away 12 degrees for the summer, the valve in my bedroom (and quite close to the relay) has been showing calibration failure several times and fails manual calibration.

Also the heating has been coming on for a minute or so quite often even though no valve nor the thermostat is asking for heating

This evening all seems fine, though.


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