Cant get valve to Close

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Cant get valve to Close

Post by oxy » 13 Aug 2018, 22:38

Have bought a complete system of netatmo smart valve and I thought the system was set up perfectly.

BUT just turn the heat on in the house and found that NO of my radiator valves closed completely , despite the fact that the room has warmed up to the selected temperature, and the netatmo app does not show the hot symbol / icon.

When I lay my ear on my netatmo smart valve, I can hear the water flow in my radiator valve.

I have installed netatmo smart valve on IMI / tour & andersson radiator valve with M30 x 1.5 adapter, and make a calibrate on all the valve´s.

Can someone please guide me in the right direction, so i can enjoy my netatmo system... :-)

TIA.. Christian

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Re: Cant get valve to Close

Post by mhaga » 15 Aug 2018, 17:46

Welcome Christian,
You are for sure not alone on having these kind of issues. Netatmo are also working on a new firmware that some of the users have been testing, but it is not generally available yet.
Hopefully it will be "on the road" before winter and heating season.

This is not a absolute solution, but at least my experience so far and with quite good result:

1. Make sure your valve body and the pushrod on the valve itself operates smoothly. I use some WD40 on all the rods every summer and operate them by hand to work the oil a little.
In my experience this is important and I also got two valves replaced because they were really hard to operate. You should be able to push the rod all the way in by hand, using a coin or some kind of tool, just to protect your fingers. A little force is needed but you should be able to hear that the valve closes only using hand force. No pliers.

2. To get a good recalibration; when the thermostat is still on the valve, remove the batteries. Then remove the thermostat from the valve. Hear the valve open. Push the thermostat gently against the plastic bushing/adapter to make the adapter stay on the valve body. There are smal tracks/groves on the connecting surfaces of the adapter and the thermostat to make this easier and it works well.

3. When the thermostat is disconnected, reinsert the batteries. Wait until the thermostat connect to your system and run "recalibrate" from the GUI, with the thermostat disconnected from the valve body. You should get a warning that calibration failed, both after reinserting the batteries and after the recalibration. Now the mechanism in the thermostat should be as far inside the thermostat as it could and ready to be reseated/refitted to the valve body.

4. Mount the thermostat with the batteries inserted and the thermostat connected to your system. Make sure is is properly fitted and that the grooves/tracks fits well.
I don't use any tools for this. Only hand force.

5. Recalibrate the thermostat from your system GUI. The warning messages should go away and your valve should be completely closed/silent. If not try to recalibrate again.

6. If it is still not closed/silent, repeat the procedure and pay attention to the grooves/tracks and that the thermostat is aligned to the valve.

It can be a little tricky sometimes, but this usually fix the problem. Also make sure your system is updated to the latest firmware. Should be automatic, but I don't remember if you have to restart the relay by remove it from the socket and put it back in after 15-30 seconds. Valves can take hours to get upgraded, so be patient.
Currently available firmware is 174 for the relay and 51 for the thermostats.

Hope this helps. Good luck.


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