Thermostat + 2 Smart Valves

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Thermostat + 2 Smart Valves

Post by pethr » 12 Oct 2018, 15:33


sorry for a possibly dumb question, but I am new to Netatmo as I've just bought and installed Netatmo Thermostat and 2 Smart Valves in my house. The other valves (approximately 10 valves) are not Netatmo but rather normal thermostatic valves (mostly Heimeier). I plan to gradully replace them with Netatmo valves but not continuously and not right away as it is qute costly...

Now to my question - I would like to be able to set / control temperature in one particular room (Kids room) where one of the Smart Valve is independently on all the other rooms in the house. However at this moment, when I set a different temperature (or schedule) in that room, it is not only this valve and heater which starts to work but also all the other in the house (currently being "managed" by Thermostat).

Reading thru the Netatmo website, I see that the FAQ is saying that one needs Smart Valve in the same room as where the Thermostat is located (living room in my case where there are actually two heaters) in order to be able to use the "Auto-Balance" feature of the heating system i.e. which is I guess what I am looking for. When I install additional SV into the living room (where the Thermostat is), would I be able to set the temperature in the Kids room to 22 degrees, have the Bolier turned on and be heating in that room until the temperature is achieved, but at the same time do NOT heat in the other rooms (where normal valves would be) as long as the temperature on the Thermostat is set to 20,5 degrees and this temperature is already achieved (i.e. the bottom temperature on Thermostat would be >20,5 degrees)?

Thanks a lot for your help,

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Re: Thermostat + 2 Smart Valves

Post by schmaker » 13 Oct 2018, 12:17

If you have ordinary termostatic valves, then they will never heat to more than you set up mechanically.

As long as thermostat or any valve triggers heating, then boiler start up and hot water will flow to any radiator that is opened (no matter if it's electronic or regular thermostatic valve). That means for you, that if you have kids room set up to 22° and mechanical valves are set to 20°, then the mechanicals will not heat beyond 20° while kids room will still heat up.

Other way around though you arent able to heat mechanical valves when electronic valves or thermostat arent triggering boiler (you are unable to get 22° on mechanically controlled radiators if other rooms are set to 20 and already heated up.

In my setup i electronically broken one valve (thanks netatmo for making it waterproof :( ) as the radiator valve was little bit dripping. So i use mechanical valve in thermostat room (living room) to prevent overheating while on other side of my appartment is smart valve to trigger boiler when the room starts to be way too cold. It works quite well actually as my living room is mostly occupied anyway.

Hope it helped a little.

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