Good working valve calibrates often without need

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Good working valve calibrates often without need

Post by tuxbox » 19 Oct 2018, 11:42


next problem: one of the Netatmo valves often re-calibrates without any need.
It seems to work very well in the sense that valve closes the heater completely when it should and opens correctly when it should be heated. So no need to (re-)calibrate again in my opinion.

But for any reasons the valve seems to object. It very often re-calibrates. Yesterday also one time with an error it could not complete calibration.
The manual triggered calibration afterwards by me solved this and the valve again worked exactly as should again.

But why please does it permanently recalibrate? This exhausts batteries and of course is prone to errors, wears out my heaters etc.

So, please Netatmo, stop this with a fix or give me (at least via dev api) the option to disable re-calibration on already calibrated valves.


P.S.: just a side note: of course i also reported this in parallel to the customer service, but until now there was no reply to this

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