Valves and Energy savings

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Valves and Energy savings

Post by achlouve » 12 Nov 2018, 15:30

Hi members,

Just wanted to ask the ones who own a full system of the smart valves if you've actually seen savings on your energy bills and if yes is it significant? I wonder if the use of the smart valves has to do more with comfort and less with energy consumption.

Please share your experience so far.


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Re: Valves and Energy savings

Post by stanikuz » 12 Nov 2018, 16:15

For me it is between 30-50% from standard consumption. But it depends from many factors. However it is real fact: I got more comfortable and good power saving system. Additionally this system provides good statistics and visual interface that show it for any period of using.
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Re: Valves and Energy savings

Post by KDpt » 12 Nov 2018, 22:42

Hi Achlouve

Pros- There is a huge difference in flexibility to the system and this alone to me is worth it,
if you have the single stat std whole house 'two hours in the morning and six in the evening'
schedule then I would think any savings are going to be marginal, but move to infinite zones and
vast flexibility then the savings quickly stack-up. Simple things like exactly what does No4 on a
TRV in practical terms mean (so normally left on frost or cranked up), wherein the Smart/valves
are far more accurate and flexible.

Working late/tv marathon etc just heat the one room, if one room that gets a lot colder it alone
can switch on to prevent frost etc, periodically 'air' unused/unheated rooms, you've in work &
you have pets in one room just make the one room comfortable (You want the kids out of bed
earlier then sweat them out hehe).

The possibilities are endless right down to extreme savings, just switch the one room on (or don't
switch anything on).

Cons - Large initial outlay, how long will each item last & need replacing, batteries & more batteries,
how many years will the servers run... (my Fav topic: more local ctrl)

Any other questions please ask, nht all.

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Re: Valves and Energy savings

Post by achlouve » 13 Nov 2018, 12:01

Thank you both for your response!

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