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Wierd behavior after replacing a valve

Posted: 02 Dec 2018, 17:56
by gbragante
This morning the valve in my one of my rooms suddenly lost the calibration and started showing a temperature about 3 degrees higher.
I have tried re calibrating it several times, power cycle it, mounted and dismounted from the radiator without any success. Still not calibrating and showing higher temperature.
At this point I went to a shop and purchased another one and mounted it on the same radiator. Calibration and temperature are ok now.
However the thermostat shows that this valve is requesting the boiler to start but the valve itself remains closed!
So what i have now is the boiler running with all valves closed and the new valve being the one requesting the boiler to work.
Also tried turning the thermostat to Away but the boiler still runs.
Tried uninstalling the valve and restarting the relay several times but the problem persists.
The only thing I can do at this point is switching off the boiler until other valves request it to run for a good reason. And also dismounted the valve from the radiator while keeping the battery inside, otherwise the room will remain cold.
How can I restore a correct behavior for the new valve?

Re: Wierd behavior after replacing a valve

Posted: 03 Dec 2018, 08:24
by gbragante
This night the firmware of the new valve was updated to version 73 and the valve is no longer requesting the boiler to run.
So this morning I have mounted the valve back of the radiator and now it is misbehaving in the same way as the one that I have replaced yesterday: it shows a temperature that is about 3 degrees higher and it fails the calibration.
The same valve was calibrating properly yesterday just out of the box and was showing the right temperature.
At this point I suspect that is something wrong in the room or in the firmware.
What do you think?

The current impact of this issue is that this valve stays open and I cannot control the temperature in this room. In addition to that, the temperature in this room is affected by the other rooms requesting the boiler to start.