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Caleffi adapter problem

Posted: 11 Jan 2019, 19:46
by Aironide
due to the compatibility with Caleffi valves declared by Netatmo, I purchased 5 Smart Radiator Valves for my radiators. I did not find the necessary adapters in the Smart Kit, so I asked the Netatmo helpdesk to confirm the compatibility and why there was not the needed adapter in the kit. The Helpdesk confirmed me compatibility with Caleffi and told me that the adapters for these valves are sold separately. Well, I bought the necessary adapters, but now the smart valve can not be mounted on the Caleffi. In fact it is not possible to screw NAV-IT valve on the Caleffi because it is blocked by the metal body and, if forced, is likely to break Smart Valve (see attachments)
What do I do now? You can help me?
Thanks in advance.

p.s. I am waiting (hoping) for a Netatmo Helpdesk answer

Re: Caleffi adapter problem

Posted: 23 Jan 2019, 11:28
by Aironide
Solved with cod. F49671 Caleffi Adapter. Thanks to Caleffi.

Re: Caleffi adapter problem

Posted: 23 Jan 2019, 14:28
by Brieuc_Netatmo
Thank you very much for sharing this information!
Caleffi F49671.pdf
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