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Question about radiator valves!!

Posted: 06 Dec 2019, 16:59
by Charlesmartin
I have the Netatmo thermostat and was thinking of adding some of their TRVs too - but I’m wondering if there’s any point in doing it with just one or two radiators rather than them all.

The idea would be to be able to turn the heating on in one colder room without having to activate the whole house - so I’m guessing I’d need their valves everywhere in order to make that work?

Anyone got experience with them? Thanksuc browser shareit appvn

Re: Question about radiator valves!!

Posted: 09 Dec 2019, 17:10
by kozmix
Maybe an admin could move this thread through the proper forum?

I've had a similar situation in my house which is why I've installed valves in my bathroom and office, as well as in my living room (so I can switch off heating there if I only need to heat the bathroom/office). In the other locations (bedrooms, toilet) I still either have the traditional thermostat knob or a simple programmable valve (Honeywell/Silvercrest). I installed those in the bedrooms, as I have a very simple heating schedule (which never needs to change), neither do I need those rooms to control the heating, they'll just use whatever heating cycles they can get when Netatmo has turned on the heating. Also it would make the Netatmo programming even more complicated as you'll have to put everything in a shared schedule. So my suggestion is to install the Netatmo valves in those rooms where you want to precisely control the temperature for maximum comfort.