[Feature request] Temp-Offset/Correction per valve

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[Feature request] Temp-Offset/Correction per valve

Post by mdillmann » 15 Oct 2017, 18:23

using only relay and valves I can adjust room temperature using "offset" in the app or web. I have large living-room with two radiators and valves.
I need to be able to calibrate/offset the temperature of each valve independently instead of only the room.

The radiators in the living-room are located at opposite direction at the outside wall, but one is sitting under a window and the other in the corner of the room (where also the LED-TV is located and adding additional thermal radiation).

So the radiator in the corner measures always about +2 degress, whereas the other valve radiator is about right. I had the same situation with the classical valve-heads and needed to set them slightly differently.

Currently the relay operates the valves not ideal (one valve measures 23 and the other 20) so the room gets not heated evenly.

Relais: 70: ee: 50: 0e: 92: 3e (v197)
Ventile: o00a4a1 o00ac0b o00854d o006c0b(did go bananas) o007a51 o01cf3f (v73)

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