Valves show wrong temperatur

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Valves show wrong temperatur

Post by 2Qt2beStr8 » 29 Oct 2017, 08:23

Hi together :)

I have two Valves and both show a wrong temperatur (23 or 22 degrees) and so the radiators did not heating.
The real tempertaur is 4 degrees lesser.

I know the temperature in the app about temperature offset can be adjusted, but I see that as a significant deficiency when the valves show 4 degrees more.

To measure the temperature so close to the radiator makes no sense to my opinion because it is always warmer than in the middle of the room.
So it would be better to use the temperature from the indoor sensor of the weather station because it is placed far from the radiator.
Real temperatur from the Netatmo indoor sensor (weather station)
Temperatur Valves

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