Valve starts without request

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Valve starts without request

Post by spk7 » 31 Oct 2017, 12:13

Hi all,
I'm new to this forum so excuse me if i say something wrong.
I got the thermostat and 3 valves in 3 rooms. Everithing is installed properly and working.
BUT I found that when I say the app to warm room #1, it opens the rooms #1 and 3. This happens also if I ask to warm room #3 (it opens #1 too) or if I ask to warm #2 the #1 get open.
I checked if something was wrong with installation, but everithing's ok.
I can't find out where is the problem cause everyting is correctly installed....
Anyone have an idea?

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Re: Valve starts without request

Post by HurdyGurdy » 12 Nov 2017, 14:42

unclear from your message, but remember that at the moment if the boiler is triggered it will heat all rooms where temp < than setpoint for the room
Were you expecting that when you trigger heating in one specific room all others remain cold even though their temp is below setpoint? Unless you schedule temperatures accordingly, i don't see how you could even achieve this. Apologies if i misunderstood.

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Re: Valve starts without request

Post by spk7 » 15 Nov 2017, 19:15

Hi, Thank u for the answer.
I would like to heat a single room at specific time at specific temp. I found that if the thermostat has the temperature set at e.g. 18° and I want to heat room n° 2 that is at 18.5° getting 21°, the system doesnt switch the valve on.
I tried also to set same temp for thermotat and valve n° 2 (e.g. 21°) and the valve boiler start, but I get heat also in room n. 1 and 3 (that are eg. at 19° and the requested temp. is set to 18° so don't need to be heat).
Hope it's clear. Thank you!

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Re: Valve starts without request

Post by Ric75 » 16 Nov 2017, 15:43

The same is happening to me.
I have the new firmware (rele 159) and all radiators with the valves and the thermostat. In room A i have the thermostat and a valve on the radiator.
I did the following test: all rooms are warm and temperature above the setpoint, so the boiler is turned off by the thermostat.
I manually increase the temperature in the room A turning the valve. In the same room I have the thermostat. Then the thermostat turns on the boiler and the radiator get hot. Until now everything is working fine and as expected.
BUT after some minutes I have some other radiators in other rooms getting hot. These other rooms (rooms B and C) are above the programmed setpoint temperature, so the radiator should not get hot.

Looking at the diagram the valve of room B and C does not result opened (0%) but the temperature increases because the radiator is hot.
I think it's not a calibration issue because I have done calibration a lot of times in last week.

Canceling the manual change from the app or from the valve turn off the boiler and all the radiators became colder as expected.

I think it's a firmware issue happening when temperature is manually changed in the room with the thermostat and the valve. This change impacts other rooms valves. the correct behaviour is restored when the manual change is canceled.

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