Valve a bit unscrewed

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Re: Valve a bit unscrewed

Post by aimonx85 » 28 Nov 2017, 14:17

Hi Brieuc,
I have the caleffi valve too and I'm wondering if the problem about losing calibration is in some way linked to this.

Unfortunately, some days ago, I founded my valve on the floor with the external plastic broken. I can understand it's hard to fit every kind of valve bodies but I'm really experiencing too many problem with this product.

If you follow this link ... tubo-ferro you can find a dwg file with every measure you need to design the adaptor

Please let me know if you need something more

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Re: Valve a bit unscrewed

Post by Fa_St » 12 Dec 2017, 14:23

have the same problem with a "FAR" valve.
Not possible to screw completely the valve and the adaptor thread is easy to damage.

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Re: Valve a bit unscrewed

Post by quikote » 12 Dec 2017, 16:28

Hi. same problem here with the caleffi bodies. All of my 3 netratmo valves get a little bit unscrewed after some days. every week i have to screw them if I want to operate the valve locally or just to avoid the valve falls down in the floor.
I also think that the use of 2 plastic adapters, one over the other, in order to install the netatmo valve, is not the state-of-the-art for this kind of expensive valves. It should be a special adaptor for this kind of caleffi valves, as it's a wide used brand, also here in Spain.
Looking forward for a solution from Netatmo.

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Re: Valve a bit unscrewed

Post by gianze » 29 Dec 2017, 17:49

Hi all. Update after few weeks of Netatmo valve and "teflon tape" to help the valve to be tightly fasten. Due to the warm of the radiator (of course) the tape melted and found again the valve on the floor...
Now I tried with insulating tape (the one used by electricians). I know that with warm will get sticky and difficult to remove rapidly but at least should be more resistant than teflon one.
With insulating tape I could re-fasten the smart valve. It wasn't easy as the double adaptor make the system quite difficult to screw (the threads are so small that screw out of axis is quite simpler than screw correctly...).
Hoping in a better one-piece adaptor form Netatmo

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Re: Valve a bit unscrewed

Post by GEORGzer » 29 Dec 2017, 21:41

I would not recomend that since the glue of the insulation tape will be also liquified by the heat even faster.
Try something like Pipe Sealing Cord for example (looks like dental floss). ... 7713596417

Or classic hemp.
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