Multiple temperature/time schedules

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Multiple temperature/time schedules

Post by suunto »

Please develop multiple temperature/time schedule for Netatmo Thermostat / Valves system. Separate temperature/time schedule for different room at same (temperature/time schedule for living room, in parallel different temperature/time schedule for kids room, bathroom, slipping room etc.)
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Re: Multiple temperature/time schedules

Post by yonasl »

You can solve this by creating temperature settings per time instead of "eco", "comfort", "boost", etc.

For instance:
- Morning: Living 20C, Bed1 23C, Bed2 23C, Kitchen 20C
- Day: Living 23C, Bed1 20C, Bed2 20C, Kitchen 23C
- Evening: Living 23C, Bed1 22C, Bed2 22C, Kitchen 23C
- Late Evening: Living 23C, Bed1 23C, Bed2 23C, Kitchen 20C
- Night: All at 16C

You can then decide when each time takes place during the week. For instance mornings may be 5-7am on weekday sand 5-10am on weekend.

As you can see you can with this method control the heat according to were you are supposed to be instead of a level of temperature.
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Re: Multiple temperature/time schedules

Post by Nibotg »

Hi, sorry if I'm missing the obvious but can you provide an explanation as to how I'd implement this idea please ?
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Re: Multiple temperature/time schedules

Post by Tiuri »

I'd like to know this as well
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Re: Multiple temperature/time schedules

Post by basil »

First, (of course) you need Netatmo valves fitted in each room you want to control. ;)

1) Goto the schedule setup screen, you will see the various custom temps for each day (Comfort, eco etc.)
2) Select the custom temp name you want to change (e.g. 'Comfort')
3) You will then see a list of your valves and be able to set the setpoint for each individually (within the 'Comfort' temp. setting).
4) When the schedule calls for that custom temp, then each room will heat to its individual setpoint.

The only restriction with this, is that if (for example) valve temps in the 'comfort' setting are customised then it will be applied only during the scheduled time for 'comfort'. You can of course add new custom temps and change existing ones. Mostly this works well.
The downside of this is that only 1 custom temperature can be set to be in force at any one time. This is where room/zone/device based multiple [simultaneous] schedules would be more flexible as each area would have it's own schedule and settings independent of others.
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