Netatmo Thermostat + Valves

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Netatmo Thermostat + Valves

Post by Veelti » 09 Dec 2017, 19:16


Ive got Thermostat connected to GAS boiler.
I want buy 4 Valves for each radiator.
Before buy i have to ask.
Can valves turn on boiler?

I have Thermo in living room and i want put 1 valve to kitchen, 1 living room, 1 bed room and 1 in bathroom.
I allways have cold in bathroom so i want to set same temperature in thermostat and living room bed room and kitchen but in bathroom i want to set higher temp. When temp. in living bed and kitchen reach set point i want to close radiator in all rooms but bathroom keep open till it reach higher temp. But in this time Thermostat will stop heating because it is in living room.
Can it works how i want?

Many greetings

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Re: Netatmo Thermostat + Valves

Post by borut » 10 Dec 2017, 13:09

Hi, Veelti.

On latest update (issued few days ago) thermostat and valves work as you described. Every room can individually turn on the boiler.

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