How to delete a home location?

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How to delete a home location?

Post by MarcV » 25 Jul 2019, 09:51

Yesterday I installed my additional smoke alarms. When installing them I noticed that I have 2 home locations in my account while I only have one physical, so I would like to delete the other one. The problem is that I could not find how to delete it. To make things more complicated, both home locations have the exact same name.

In normal use the other home location does not show up; it's only visible when a new device is installed. And of course, as Murphy's law predicts, I would automatically select the wrong one... :roll: :lol:
...but I might be wrong...

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Re: How to delete a home location?

Post by Guillaume_B_Netatmo » 05 Aug 2019, 16:49

Hello MarcV,

It is not possible for now to remove a Home. To counter Murphy, I would then recommend to rename one of them :)
To do so, just head to your Security app, open the settings, select your Home then click on its name to rename it!
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