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Firmware updates

Post by Brieuc_Netatmo » 11 Mar 2015, 15:12


Update process: everything is automatic. The lastest firmware is progressively pushed to each active product*. The Relay is the first module to receive the new firmware from our servers. Then, all devices paired to it are updated automatically. This process can take up to 3 days depending on the number of devices.

Please find below the changelog of the Energy devices firmwares:

v216 (Relay) / v73 (Thermostat) / v83 (Valves) – September, 30th 2020
- [Valves only] Improve screen refresh
- General stability improvements

NOTE: If you own a Netatmo Thermostat and no Valve is paired with it, you already have all the features available with the firmware version of March 21, 2018 (v174-176).

v210 (Relay) / v72 (Thermostat) / v81 (Valves) – September, 30th 2019
- [Valves only] Better estimation of the temperature during and after an Open Window detection.
- [Valves only] Numerous optimizations

v203 (Relay) / v71 (Thermostat) / v79 (Valves) - March, 21st 2019
- [Valves only] Introduction of the Open Window Detection feature: it can be activated/deactivated for the Home in the Netatmo Energy application's settings: Settings > Operating mode > Open Window Detection
- [Valves only] Improvements of the Relay Wi-Fi connection. In rare cases, it could have been lost temporarily when switching to Away/Frost-Guard mode
- [Valves only] Improvements of the Auto-Adapt (heating prediction) feature:
*In rare cases the heating prediction was not working properly when using "Away/FrostGuard until"
*In rare cases the heating prediction was not working properly in a room containing a Thermostat and Valves
- [Valves only] Improvements of the Relay stability for users with 20 Valves
- [Valves only] Improvements of the Valve opening for small heating demands

v197 (Relay) / v71 (Thermostat) / v73 (Valves) - November 20th, 2018
- [Valves only] The rare cases where the radiator was not warm enough have been corrected
- [Valves only] The rare cases where the radiator continued to heat beyond the requested setpoint have been corrected
- [Valves only] More intuitive 'True temperature" feature, to be able to choose the displayed temperature that better represents the room temperature
- [Valves only] The rare cases where Valves couldn't use Heating Prediction have been corrected
- [Valves only] Various improvements and bugfixes

v189 (Relay) / v69 (Thermostat) / v66 (Valves) - September 20, 2018
- [Valves only] Optimization of the update process for the modules connected to the Relay

v187 (Relay) / v69 (Thermostat) / v66 (Valves) - August 30, 2018
- [Valves only] Heating Prediction (Auto-Adapt) is now available for Valves!

- [Valves only] Improvement of the Valves calibration process
- [Valves only] Fixed a bug for very rare cases where the radiator continued to heat beyond the setpoint
- [Valves only] Improvement of the Valves battery level indicator
- [Valves only] Low battery level warning for Valves: an e-mail and a notification in the Energy application are sent
- [Valves only] Numerous optimizations and various improvements

v174-176 (Relay) / v65 (Thermostat) / v51 (Valves) - March 21, 2018
- Fixed a HomeKit bug: in some cases, only the Relay was visible in the Home application
- Various optimizations

v167-168 (Relay) / v65 (Thermostat) / v51 (Valves) - January 25, 2018
- New fix: the rare cases where the radiator continued to heat beyond the requested setpoint have been corrected.
- Fixed a HomeKit bug which randomly made the products unreachable in the Apple Home app after the latest firmware update.
- Fixed a bug which was stopping the boiler during short periods while it was not necessary.
- Fixed the rare issue of a random room displaying only the "!" logo (only when a Home has 10 rooms).

v160 (Relay) / v64 (Thermostat) / v49 (Valves) - December 06, 2017
- New Feature COMFORT Priority : 2 different operating modes are now available for a Home:
  • o COMFORT priority: Valves are allowed to turn the Boiler ON automatically in accordance with the requirements of the Home heating schedule.
    o ECO priority: Valves are not allowed to turn the boiler ON, they can only lower the temperature. This is the default behavior of an installation with classic thermostatic valves. To turn the Boiler ON, you can force a Manual Boost on a Valve.
- When a Manual Boost is applied on a Room with Valves only, a radiator symbol now appears on the Thermostat screen when the Room of the Thermostat does not need to be heated.
- Measured temperatures displayed by Valves of a same Room are now synchronized.
- Valves open & close faster after a boiler state change.
- Added a flame icon on Thermostat screen when boiler is ON.
- The heating power graphic curves in the Valve only Rooms is now more accurate: the average of the opening percentage during the latest 10min is displayed, instead of a picture of the state each 10 min.
- Fixed a bug which randomly prevented the Valve to close completely.
- Fixed an issue with ambient temperature estimation done by the Valves.
- Lot of minor bug fixes and optimizations.

v150 (relay) / 59 (Thermostat) - August 24, 2017
- Support for Smart Radiator Valves
- Support of the new web and mobile applications
- [HomeKit]: the Thermostat is now displayed as 2 different accessories in the Apple Home app (1 relay and 1 Thermostat)

v90 (relay) / 40 (Thermostat) - February 23, 2017
- [White LED relays only] Support for HomeKit R8 version
- [White LED relays only] Fixed a bug in the HomeKit Bonjour service
- [White LED relays only] Fixed a bug in the HomeKit accessory definition
- [White LED relays only] Fixed a bug with HomeKit remote access (using an Apple TV or an iPad as a HomeKit hub)
- [White LED relays only] Improved Wi-Fi connection stability
- [White LED relays only] Various minor bug fixes and optimizations

v68 (relay) / 40 (Thermostat) - May 10, 2016
- [White LED relays only] Fixed a random disconnection problem under certain conditions
- [White LED relays only] Improved reconnection after connection loss

v49/v60 (relay) / 38 (Thermostat) - January 25, 2016
- Fixed a bug which causes the Thermostat to exit Away / Frost-Guard mode when changing the weekly schedule or the Away / Frost-Guard temperatures

v48/v57 (relay) / 36 (Thermostat) - December 7, 2015
- Fixed a bug which could lead to wrong Prediction behaviour

v47 (relay) / 35 (Thermostat) - October 19, 2015:
- Support for Auto-Care (boiler malfunction detection ; improved Energy Saving Reports)
- Heating prediction up to 8 hours if current setpoint is below 14°C (otherwise, up to 3 hours)
- Misc bugfixes and optimizations

v43 (relay) / 31 (Thermostat) - March 11, 2015:
- New features "Away until..." and "Frost-Guard until...",
- Come back to Away / Frost-Guard / OFF when a manual setpoint ends,
- Prediction is now disabled when ambient temperature is close to next setpoint (± 0.1°C),
- Maximum Prediction duration is now set to 3h,
- Various optimizations and bug fixes.

* "The lastest firmware is progressively pushed to each active product." > It means that after having beta tested a new firmware, we push it on all the devices step by step. At the beginning, we push it on a very small percentage of all devices, and check whether everything goes well. If no issue is reported, we increase the percentage of updated products, and monitor carefully each step.
That's why when the announcement of a new firmware is done, some of you will be updated and some others will still have to wait for few days.
In short, no need to ask us to force the update, you will get it very soon :)
NB: the same deployment process is applied to the mobile Apps for Android and iOS.
Brieuc - Netatmo Team


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