Netatmo is lacking.

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Re: Netatmo is lacking.

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Bang on Docbeech....

I think these are great ideas "take note Netatmo" and makes perfect sense to me. I did post an article regarding a complete overall of the iOS app as it feels outdated and flat compared to other weather apps or PWS apps. It's a shame in an way that Netatmo have lost there way in doing innovative ways to update and be the market leader in this great concept of weather stations.

My article posted :
" I must stress my dissatisfaction in Netatmo regarding the roll out of the wind gauge (anemometer) and the lack of customer updates. First of all its taken so long "well over a year" for an innovative company like Netatmo to keep its customer base appraised. I myself have tweeted to you regarding this and had no response, which I think is inappropriate. I've also notice that other customers have tweeted the same question and the response has been "STAY TUNED" or "COMING SOON" I can appreciate the timeline of a new launch but I think more honesty and transparency to your customers is warranted. If I remember the launch date mentioned was the end of August, and it's now 1st September.
I also like to mention the iOS app for the Netatmo needs completely updating to a new look and striking appearance, it feels outdated and flat.
I enjoy my Netatmo a lot and use it ever day, I also upload my weather to a number of PWS which is fantastic and love the the interface with weather pro and alertspro and meteoearth.
I look forward to your response in the matter and hopefully some GREAT GREAT news."

I've posted a screen shot of my PWS page of the kind of platform and new and contemporary look that Netatmo should be heading towards.
There's so much scope to be be had here..... I hope they listen to the constructive feedback and act on it. But something tells me they don't.
Docbeech have you any recommendations for a reasonably price weather station as you've mentioned in your article, as I may be ditching sooner than later if Netatmo don't pull there act together.
PWS screen shot
PWS screen shot
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Re: Netatmo is lacking.

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Re: Netatmo is lacking.

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I wholeheartedly agree about the update frequency.

I know most users won't be able to do this, but I would must prefer being able to query the base station myself at regular intervals (30 seconds or 1 minute).

Having a delay of 10 minutes before I can read my data is a showstopper. This means I can't use it to integrate with my smarthome, as the response time is too great.

If on the other hand I would be able to, I'd buy one indoor module for each room in my house (10 more units) on the spot.
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