Anemometer Update!

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Re: Anemometer Update!

Post by adda » 01 Dec 2015, 12:30


Yes I have done it via USB connection of the main station to my notebook and the Netatmo Module Manager. No reconnection to the other stations has been necessary.

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Re: Anemometer Update!

Post by damienbern » 01 Dec 2015, 14:57

My wind gauge is now using firmware 11

No wind this week, can't try if it's more reliable.

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Re: Anemometer Update!

Post by Hakki » 01 Dec 2015, 15:38

You can change the height of the wind gauge (which has an impact)!


So if your height is 2m in stead of 10m, you only get +/-0.8 in stead of 1 => so values should be multiplied with 1.25 to be correct..

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Re: Anemometer Update!

Post by skuske » 01 Dec 2015, 15:55

OK, I ordered a new wind gauge from Amazon to see if that one dies again in snow...). However, this new calibration feature seems to be interesting. The perfect installation height is (as far as I understand the above) on a 10m pole. Installing it on a roof which has a height of 10m should not be the same as the roof itself is pretty much the same as the ground, which produces irregularities etc...

So, if you have installed your gauge on the roof, to get away from any irregularities, one should install a 10m pole on the roof, and on top of the roof we install the wind gauge. LOL. And if we need to change the batteries, we climb up to the roof, dismount our 10m pole, dismount the gauge, put fresh batteries in, and set up everything again. To ensure that the gauge is properly set to north, we finally need some good binoculars. :shock: :roll:

Why on earth does this high tech microwave wind gauge need special calibration where a regular mechanical wind gauge does not? I have an old fashioned mechanical wind gauge installed on the same pole (at the same height) as I had installed the Netatmo one to: the old fashioned one always reports correct wind speeds, which are pretty close to the weather forecast wind speeds. The Netatmo high tech gauge never came close to what the old fashioned wind gauge reported, although both were installed at the same height, on the same pole, at the same time.

There is something seriously wrong here if the mechanical gauge works fine, but the (so called) revolutionary Netatmo microwave wind gauge needs special calibration in order to deliver proper speeds if it cannot do that out of the box, where other devices (old fashioned ones) can...
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Re: Anemometer Update!

Post by xon » 01 Dec 2015, 21:27

I think it is a bizarre unprofessional solution! Mine wind gauge was already on the roof (10M). To get some higer readings I now have to fool my gauge and set it to 1 meter! This is backwards thinking and not a solution at all.. Damn I am dissapointed !!!

ps: My station was updated automatically strange enough Maybe they pushed it to alle stations with a windgauge connected.

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Re: Anemometer Update!

Post by neve » 01 Dec 2015, 21:41

My name is Kees Neve from the Netherlands in the city of Leiden.
Since last week I mounted my new windgauge on the top of my roof 10 meters high.
Yesterday I found very strange readings in my data. For a period of 30 minutes the meter displayed values of more than 100 km/h.
Also the wind direction was turned 180 degrees. Yesterday we had SW wind, but during that period of 30 minutes the readings were NE.
See also my attachment. During the spikes it was raining and the wind was strong with gusts around 50 km/h
But gusts of 114 km/h are far too unrealistic.
What could be the reason for these wrong readings.
Does somebody has the same experiences.

I received today firmware version 11 for my windmeter. Maybe this update solves this problem.

The photo displays the Netatmo windgauge plus my old traditional windmeter from DAVIS.
The DAVIS hardware is not in function anymore due to technical failures.
That is the reason I attached the new windmeter of Netatmo.
Thank you
Best regards: Kees Neve
wind registration
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tyrips to mount the windgauge on the iron pipe!
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Re: Anemometer Update!

Post by pogpol » 01 Dec 2015, 21:57

Hi neve,
I assume that you have readings both from Davis and Netatmo anemometers. They're taken in the same place so it's easy to compare them. How does it look like according to you? Are they similar? Maybe you have some examples of the values?

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Re: Anemometer Update!

Post by xon » 01 Dec 2015, 22:12

Hoi Kees :-)

The most interesting thing is that you can compare the readings like no one can at the moment :-) Very curious what you discover compared to the Davis with the new firmware

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Re: Anemometer Update!

Post by deeayy » 01 Dec 2015, 22:14

I got home and my station had already updated to the latest firmware. Hopefully this will fix the connection dropouts.

I also "calibrated" it. I calculated it's just short of 1m above the roof and the roof is 6m high so set it to 6.92. Let's see if that changes the readings. To be honest, they were not far off a local amateur station anyway (only 3-4mph), but it might improve things.

I think there's 3 issues going on here: 1) a firmware issue causing false readings and connection dropouts, 2) a calibration issue causing readings that are too low and 3) a hardware issue with units dying (weatherproofing issue?). 1 may have been fixed with the latest update, 2 may be able to be "fixed" in settings and 3 could either be a bad batch of units or that they're actually not that weatherproof. Looking at the construction, it seems much more robust than the rain gauge, though it's more likely to be exposed the elements up on the roof.

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Re: Anemometer Update!

Post by flappah » 01 Dec 2015, 22:14

I know Kees (he's a colleague of mine) and he told me the Davis doesn't transmit any readings anymore. It was partly the reason why he bought the Netatmo setup. But regarding his issue at hand, I do seem to remember I read on this thread (or maybe on a different one) there was a similar issue with somebody having had abnormally large values.

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