Green Hue

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Green Hue

Post by oyvindo » 02 Mar 2016, 12:20

Today my Welcome camera image suddenly turned greenish all over. It looks like the image chip has lost Red and Blue and only have green tones left.
I can see from this forum that several others have experienced the same, sometimes purple hue.
Is the HW quality of these camera chips so low that it breaks down just like that?

Does anyone else have experience with the company's willingness to replace and service these units?

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Re: Green Hue

Post by mendip » 02 Mar 2016, 20:06

Hi oyvindo,

Yes the same here and i have three of them at different locations (eliminates Electricity), with different internet providers (eliminates routers / Internet access and wifi problems), different accounts (eliminates account problems), wired and wifi (eliminates wifi overheating / connection problems).

All three exhibit the same problem (Green Hue) since firmware v40. Good news perhaps, the only solution I have found is removing power and then restarting. They generally last for about a week or two then the problem re-occurs, and requires a quick reset.

I have been away working abroad recently and returning to this forum doesn't look good reading. :o

Netatmo used to respond to problems, but don't appear to be even doing that on the French forums now. It is a great shame. I believe they will replace them, but be in for a long wait. See this thread and many, many others:


I think perhaps they have expanded too quickly. I see they are forever advertising for new employees, and perhaps they simply just don't have the staff to respond. That said it shouldn't be this way.

I was holding out for the Netatmo Welcome Tags, but have instead built an Arduino version myself last Sunday afternoon, as being honest I simply do not trust Netatmo to support anything new they produce. I sincerely hope they are not heading for problems, as all of the units they have shipped need back-room servers to properly function.

If you, or anyone else know of a solution to the 'Green Hue' problem (apart from returning the unit), I would be interested to hear.

I feel sad writing this, as the Thermostat product is very good (after a lot of work from Netatmo perfecting it), along with the basic weather station, but now it seems or appears to at least myself as a customer, that the drive /focus is on moving / shipping / selling units, but not supporting them!! :cry:

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Re: Green Hue

Post by CopyCat73 » 07 Mar 2016, 14:21

I have the same issue but it seems connected to the night vision. When the issue occurs the camera does not switch to infrared mode anymore (no red led to indicate it), so at night the image is just black. During the day the image is very green-ish. This stays until I cut the power to the camera. I have 2 welcome cameras at version 40 but only one of them does this.

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Re: Green Hue

Post by scott98 » 09 Mar 2016, 19:25

I have had this occur twice. Powering off and back on resolved. Also I noticed one time when I was away, the greenish hue appeared, but the next day was gone so I thing it is the night vision.
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