Temperature manteinance

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Temperature manteinance

Post by Sauretti » 15 Oct 2016, 11:39

Hi all,

I am pretty happy with the Netatmo thermostat but I am having some issue to fix temperature.
My apartment is pretty cold and is very hard to keep it hot. Netatmo is doing a good job but with a problem.

Example: I set up temperature @ 21.5 deg, thermostat hit the temperature perfectly but then it stop to "work" for two hours.
8.00: star thermostat with house temperature @ 21.0
8.35: Netatmo Stop working with house temp @ 21.4 (perfect)
8.50: start again for 10-15 minutes and arrive at 21.5 (perfect)
Then it stays @21.5 for two hours and after thi,s sometimes, it also goes to 21.6 /21.7 (after two hours!!). So for three hours is not working and it says that temperature is fixed.
Thermo are cold and the house is pretty cold, and I think here is missing the advanced version (even if it is setted).

I d like to have a more on/off function in order to have the hose always at same temperature,
Outside is not very cold (8°-13°) but I just want to know your opinion on how to improve this.

Apartment very big with high ceiling.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Temperature manteinance

Post by Schatzi » 07 Feb 2018, 22:16

Hello! Did you solve the issue?

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