Valves not closing - potential workaround

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Valves not closing - potential workaround

Post by Max B » 12 Mar 2018, 09:57

As many other here I also have the issue of valves not closing and I may have found a fix at least a temporary one that may work for someone.

I have 4 valves and thermostat, in the house where everything is installed there is also another flat with a manual thermostat and the overheating issue appear when the other thermostat is turned on. Apparently valves stay open simply because Netatmo thermostat is in OFF position so they have no reason to close, at least this is my interpretation of their behavior.

When the manual thermostat is turned one, clearly radiators get hot, but what I discovered is that if I turn on manually the Netatmo thermostat forcing the system to start, at that point the system realize that no further heating is required and all valves closes immediately.

I understand that my configuration is a little weird, but maybe this trick can work also for someone else.

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