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Netatmo Velux Active

Post by jelockwood » 03 Aug 2018, 12:44

There is not (yet) a specific forum for the new Netatmo Velux Active product so I am asking here.

It seems this product only supports Apple'sHomeKit and not any other smart home systems like Amazon Alexa. Whilst I do want HomeKit support I have seen plenty of other comments on the Internet suggesting a significant desire for Amazon Alexa support. Even though I want HomeKit support I would also like the potential to also use Amazon Alexa.

I do not see that this should be blocked by any Apple rules as bridges for other products e.g. the Philips Hue do support HomeKit and Alexa at the same time.

Similarly being able to link it to Samsung Smartthings would also be desirable.

If Netatmo are unwilling to do this, does anyone know of a means using perhaps another bridge type device to connect Velux windows simultaneously to Amazon Alexa? That is a second bridge in addition to the Netatmo one? I have not found anything on the Velux site about linking to any other smart home systems.

Anyone tried this?

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