Unable to connect Presence

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Re: Unable to connect Presence

Post by jofre_netatmo » 25 Jul 2017, 14:03

If you have trouble connecting Presence to your access point, please check the version of your camera's firmware.
If it's lower than v101, try to connect it to another access point (such as your iPhone) so it upgrades to 101 or higher and then try again.
If you keep having trouble with v101, please contact our Support Team.
Jofre - Netatmo Team

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Re: Unable to connect Presence

Post by graangus » 07 Jan 2018, 12:35

Hi, I've not been able to attach my Presence camera to my WIFI access point so I followed the advice here and connected to a hotspot on my phone. Doing this I can see the camera has firmware version 91 but I don't see any way to update the firmware version. Can you push the firmware update to my camera? The MAC address is 70:ee:50:2A:99:aa


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Re: Unable to connect Presence

Post by jofre_netatmo » 08 Jan 2018, 10:42

Hi, your camera has updated to v119 but seems to receive a very weak WiFi signal.
I recommend you to move your WiFi router closer to the camera.
Jofre - Netatmo Team

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Re: Unable to connect Presence

Post by R32er » 12 Jan 2018, 13:17

I bought my prescence in December and with the initial firmware i had connected the cam without any problems. It works till my internet was offline for about one week. Since 09.01.18 i have internet again but in HomeKit the prescence temporary was offline. Yesterday i reset the cam and connect again. This works till today in the morning. At 10:45 HomeKit was offline again and eve in the security app it was offline. I remove the cam from HomeKit again and then reset in security app. Since the reset i can’t connect the cam anymore. The app search the cam. I hold the reset and setup QR and the cam flashes but nothing else.
I was in beta program but I leave it in test flight now. The camera was firmware 121. my router is FRITZbox 7590.
how can i downgrade to 191? I also delete the security app 354 from the TestFlight and installed it again from the App Store.
And how can I connect the prescence to a hotspot like my iPhone?

Please help

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Re: Unable to connect Presence

Post by HB04593 » 16 Nov 2018, 18:56


I am using Netatmo Presence with latest FW vision and FritzBox 7590 also latest FW version. This constellation doesn't work and the APP is saying "unexpected failure".
The App can indeed find the 7590 but the final merger is missing.

The constellation 7390 and Netatmo Presence is working without any problem.

I am looking for a simple solution to fix this issue.

A hint to solve this is appreceated.


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Re: Unable to connect Presence

Post by RedB73 » 25 Dec 2018, 19:36

Did you ever find the solution? I have a issues just like yours

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Re: Unable to connect Presence

Post by Guillaume_B_Netatmo » 26 Dec 2018, 14:18


I invite you to send us a ticket so we can provide a fast and personalised assistance. To do so, please use the following link:

* https://www.netatmo.com/en-gb/helpcente ... d-i-do/311

I thank you for your comprehension and wish you a lovely festive season!
Technician specialist

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Re: Unable to connect Presence

Post by benjamin_netatmo » 27 Mar 2019, 13:56

Dear Netatmo Customer,

You reported a bug and made feedbacks, we are re-opening the Beta-Test program and we are looking for ambassadors to try new products, find out more and check its benefits here!

https://forms.office.com/Pages/Response ... VJVkNRSy4u

The Netatmo Team

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