Thermostat for Modulating Boilers

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Thermostat for Modulating Boilers

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Dear Sirs.

I got a Smart Thermostat NTH with a bunch of valves. Now I want to replace my boiler with a Modulating Condesation one. Netatmo ( says that my old Smart Thermostat is compatible with the modulating boiler of my choice. But this answer is confusing becuase the smart thermostat might be work with modulating boilers but perhaps loosing the modulating feature. I guess I should purchase the smart modulating thermostat OTH but my boiler of choice does not support OpenTherm but eBUS. Is there any adapter in the market to make Smart Modulating Thermostat to workt with eBUS protocol?

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Re: Thermostat for Modulating Boilers

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I‘m afraid that’s not possible.
The boiler has to support OpenTherm for the Netatmo Modulating Thermostat to use it.

You can also connect the Modulating Thermostat to a boiler without OpenTherm, but it will basically work just like the old „analog“ Thermostat.
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