Presence doesnt record at night

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Presence doesnt record at night

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i have a netatmo presence (FW upto date) and normally everything works fine and the camera records everything what happens.

But at night it happens that the camera does not record. For example when I arrive at home and walk to the door, the floodlight reacts but nothing will be recorded.
It seems to depend on how long it takes for me from the first step in the alert zone to the last one. If I stay some seconds longer in the allert zone, the camera will record me.

Is it possible to increase the sensitivity? Or what can I do?

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Re: Presence doesnt record at night

Post by orpjb »

There aren't any 'sesitivity' settings, but you might be able to increase the chances of an event being detected by making more alert zones that are smaller.

Instead of one alert zone:
one-zone.jpg (16.82 KiB) Viewed 301 times
Use two alert zones that cover the same area:
two-zones.jpg (24.19 KiB) Viewed 301 times
Each zone is smaller, so less pixels inside the zone need to change for it to trigger an event.
That's my theory, anyway.

Try it; maybe it helps.
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