Want to monitor indoor temperature

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Want to monitor indoor temperature

Post by jacobacci »

Hi all
I would like to remotely monitor the indoor temperature at our second home. I was thinking of using the Netatmo Smart Indoor Module to achieve this
https://www.galaxus.ch/en/s2/product/ne ... ies-450988
I have a few questions:

Does the module communicate with the Internet via WLAN? Can I read the temperature remotely from the Netatmo Mobile App?
I have read that the batteries do not last a long tim. Can the unit be powered with an external USB PSU?

Thanks for any pointers from the experts
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Re: Want to monitor indoor temperature

Post by GEORGzer »

That‘s only an additional indoor module for the main weather station. You need a weather station in the same home for it to function.

If you don‘t need the full weather station in your second home, the „Netatmo Healthy Home Coach“ could be an alternative.
Home: Weather Station (V3 + Rain & Wind Gauge, 3 additional Indoor Modules, Shield), Valves Starter Pack + 7 Valves, Video Doorbell, Air Conditioner Controller
Office: Thermostat (V2), Healthy Home Coach, Smoke Alarm

Not a Netatmo employee
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