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Home Coach App issues

Post by ideowen »

Hi Team,

This issue has been bothering me for a while now, but the App has an issue that if I want to see the graph to see history of data (by pressing the graph symbol or rotating the iPhone), quite often it doesn't respond (and can only see the current information) and I can only see it by force quitting the Home Coach app and trying it again.

I also thing you guys should try to integrate the functionality of the Home Coach app in the Netatmo Weather app (and call it Netatmo climate of something like that) as the functionality is quite similar. But that's just my two cents. ;)
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Re: Home Coach App issues

Post by djcargo »

Also on iOS when I go to Settings -> Advanced Settings, I can't go back with X button or '<Settings' button. App shows then blank screen and freezes.
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