home+control API and therm_mode

The Netatmo API is a set of webservices allowing developers and third parties to access Netatmo device's data.
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home+control API and therm_mode

Post by gorano »

I changed my classic Netatmo Thermostat with new Modulating Thermostat. Also, I have number of Netatmo valves on my radiators.

I wrote integration between Fibaro HC3 and old Energy API. I used /homesdata to create heating structure of my home and periodically call /homestatus to check status of thermostat and all valves. It worked fine.

Now, with home+control API, there is one misconception. therm_mode value was previously fetched using /homestatus, it was related to the room in which thermostat was located. Now, you moved therm_mode to /homesdata. Now, if I want to have updated information about heating status of my home and all the rooms, I have to call API twice: once /homesdata to get status of home heating (herm_mode) and once /homestatus to get status of heating in all the rooms.

Is there any way you can change this? Can you move therm_mode back to /homestatus and relate it to the room in which thermostat is located?

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Re: home+control API and therm_mode

Post by Leslie »

Hi again Goran,

As this product works with Home + Control API, we had to make some compromises. Now it's been integrated for several mounths by third-parties, we will not do this change

Have a good day,
Leslie - Community Manager
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