Firmware 2.22

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Re: Firmware 2.22

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Re: Firmware 2.22

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Im guessing its been put on hold for a bug fix since only those few who got it in early December seem to have it
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Re: Firmware 2.22

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after extensive observation of the doorbell:
The errors with the SD card and the crashes only happen when it is dark outside.
after disabling the night vision in the camera, there where no further sd-card errors and freezes
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Re: Firmware 2.22

Post by Valo »

Still no sign of the 2.22 update. Netatmo have pushed a new update to the Home + Security app today (Version 5.0.13) though.

I wonder if this is just a routine update or possibly a fix for the delay in updating the doorbell firmware?
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Re: Firmware 2.22

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78 days from release :-) ..still nothing
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Re: Firmware 2.22

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And another week without update…
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Re: Firmware 2.22

Post by papaskitch »

It's frustrating to wait so long for HKSV that never materialized, only to be stuck without the consolation prize of advanced recording months after a firmware release touting that precise feature! Maybe they should delete the v2.22.0 changelog?

I guess this could be a pretty good case study in why you should never buy a product for 'future' features. Mind you, on the flip side, Netatmo really ought to stop publicizing future features that they clearly struggle to ship.
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