Home Assistant integration fails

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Home Assistant integration fails

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I have two Home Assistant instances, one at home and another at my summer place. Both places have the Netatmo camera. I just recently installed the instance in my summer place, and for some reason I cannot get the Netatmo integration to find my new camera.
The camera shows up just fine in the Netatmo app on my Samsung smartphone, so obviously it is working. The camera is on the same network (LAN) as my HA but HA never detected its presence.
When I add the Netatmo integration manually, all it will do is to allow me to set up public weather sensors in my area. The integration doesn't find the camera.
I've tried connecting the camera both using wi-fi as well as direct ethernet cable to the same router, but to no avail.

Everything is updated to the latest versions.
What am I doing wrong? My HA instance at home also has the Netatmo integration installed, and that's working perfect.
Please help.
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