getmeasure on thermostat device

The Netatmo API is a set of webservices allowing developers and third parties to access Netatmo device's data.
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getmeasure on thermostat device

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Hi there,

I'm having a hard time getting boiler data from the /getmeasure endpoint for a thermostat device. The request is successful but the body is always empty, it doesn't even work in the "try it out" section of the documentation.

The device I target is the boiler one (type "NAPlug", with mac 70:ee:50:... ) which does not have a room_id associated (if I try with e.g. the thermostat device I get a 404 response anyway). I tried to query the endpoint with various types "boileron", "boileroff", "sum_boiler_on", "sum_boiler_off", various scales and also valid and null date_begin and date_end parameters but I can't get any boiler data from /getmeasure, the body is always empty in the JSON response.

I don't have a weather station in my account, just one thermostat and valves.

Do I miss something ? I don't have any problem querying homestatus, homesdata, and getroommeasure and getting valid data from them.

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Re: getmeasure on thermostat device

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Could you please retry with this format:

curl -L -X GET '' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxxxxxx'

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